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Nauta Mixer – Cone Screw Mixer
Uniform Mixing & Blending Process of dry Powder

Application & Process :

The Nauta Cone screw mixer is generally used in case of applications that require gentle mixing action and minimal heat generation without any product distortion. The Nauta Mixer is Ideal mixer to mix various small lots to make uniform one lot or to mix many large proportions of powders to a uniform product in Food, Chemical Pharmaceutical, Minerals, Guar Gum, Starch and Cellulose. The Nauta mixer offers low operative cost than any other types of mixers.

The Nauta mixer is a planetary rotating screw near the wall of cone without end resting of screw. The principle of blending is based on the differential travel speeds of product particles in the conical section of the vessel. The material from the bottom section of vessel is lifted by the screw and spread over the upper sections. The screw agitator turning on its axis produces a lifting action as it spirals the material in an upward flow. At the same time the screw orbits the tank, the screw removes material away from wall and deflects it into the centre of the tank setting up a spiral current thought the batch. The material lifted by the screw gravitates downwards thoroughly intermixing with material being spiraled upward. This results in most intimate intermingling of all ingredients.

The nauta mixer is mixes the powders but also breaks the lumps. This blender/mixer can also be used for applications that requires high shear mixing, which can be accomplished using separately driven lump breakers.

Salient Features :

  • Designed as per cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices OR Non GMP STANDARD Model.
  • Contact parts in AISI 316, AISI 304 or MS as desired by customer.
  • The sizes of Nauta mixer available are 500 liters to 5000 liters
  • Nauta Mixer achieves excellent accuracy in mixing even when the components are present in minor quantity.
  • Conical mixers, blenders, homogenizers, reaction vessels, vacuum dryers and live storage hoppers.
  • Higher efficiency achieved compared to horizontal blenders.
  • Easy addition of liquid.
  • Shorter mixing time 4 to 10 Minute.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Gentle Mixing achieved.
  • Rotary discharge valves and pneumatic discharge systems employed for faster discharge rate.
  • Easy to clean: These conical mixers are easily cleanable either in a dry way using special extra large doors on the vessel or in a wet way using spraying devices.

Optional Features :

  • Jacketing Cone for heating and cooling.
  • Vacuumized process.
  • Different type of mixing stirrer.

Safety Features :

  • Total drive transmission system enclosed
  • Overload relay Protection and Emergency stop button
Total Volume
Working Volume
Swing Arm
Swing Arm
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Nauta Mixer- Cone Mixer: with swing arm mixing screw assembly
Nauta Mixer- Cone Mixer: Central drives cone type mixing screw assembly
Nauta Mixer- Cone Mixer
Nauta Mixer- Cone Mixer
Nauta Mixer - Cone Mixer: Central drives paddle type mixing screw assembly
Nauta Mixer - Cone Mixer